Rice ZOE 0.75 L

Fermented Probiotic Drink

ZOE products are concentrates of live (in active state) beneficial bacteria, prebiotics and digestive enzymes on specially prepared plant raw materials of deep fermentation in a concentration of up to several billion live active probiotic bacteria per 1 ml of product.

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About ZOE

The main purpose of ZOE is to prepare probiotic meals from regular food. Due to active probiotic bacteria, food with ZOE changes its properties for the better for humans.

Ζωή in ancient Greek means life And that is why these products are presented under the brand name ZOE – life.

Prebiotics (a non-living component needed by beneficial bacteria) and probiotic (living beneficial bacteria) in one bottle are called Synbiotics, and ZOE products are called Synbiotics.

LR4 – Probiotics and Products Containing Them
Lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and even streptococci are used for therapeutic purposes in the form of food and dietary supplements. These live microorganisms are called probiotics, and foods containing them are called probiotic. As a rule, these are dairy products. Lithuanian Ramunas Rachkauskas created a plant-based probiotic product, fermenting oats, buckwheat and rice.

⚑ Improving digestion and absorption of food
⚑ Strengthening immunity
⚑ Normalization of the microbiome
⚑ Suppression of harmful microbes and pathogenic flora
⚑ Detoxification of the body
⚑ Normalization of weight and metabolism
⚑ Slows down the aging process, gives strength and improves brain activity
⚑ Antiallergic effect